Chris and his contagious smile at Men’s Retreat

Men’s Retreat: My Thoughts in a Nutshell

Empowering! It’s a great time to get away, relax, and be surrounded by brothers in Christ. We build each other up in an environment far removed from the daily grind and the attacks from Satan. It’s a chance to network with other brothers and trade ideas about men’s ministry activities in our local churches. We get to hear the Word preached, go through an inspiring lesson, and fellowship with fun, and of course, good food!

My Background

I was a believer as a child, my father raised me as a single parent, I was brought up in a Lutheran setting until my dad died.

I was 10yrs old, I was mad at God for taking him so I never picked up a bible or gave our Creator another thought until I met my wife Rebekah on a blind date. She creatively reintroduced me to the Lord. She wanted to get married at her childhood church where we went through marriage counseling.

The Pastor at the time encouraged me to become an usher which really sparked me to want to do more, help more, whatever the Lord wants or calls me to do!

Going to the Retreat

Men’s ministry, helping men grow in their faith helped me grow in my walk, there was a retreat video at church and four of us went.

It was special, electric and inspiring! Us four came back from the retreat roaring to do Gods work! It has created a strong bond and a tradition, we have been coming to the retreat for 5 years now.

Grading the guest speaker every year, and ever year is better and better, creating bonds and friendships from all over the district!

Being A part of the Men’s Ministry Leadership Committee

Now I get to be a part of the committee that plans the Men’s Retreat every year. I enjoy our meetings, especially when we discuss the food menu and the games, finding out the secluded lake for ice fishing, and interviewing the guest speaker for the year!

We get to come together to make a weekend we hope will build everyone up no matter where they are at in their walk with Christ. The excitement in the little details we get show me the Lords presents. For His Glory we passionately piece these weekends together for us to enjoy as brothers in Christ! -Amen

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