Rich is excited to begin the 2019 Men’s Retreat at Big Sandy Camp

Why I go to the North Central Alliance Men’s Retreat

We all have different reasons for attending the Men’s Retreat. I had three main goals when I went last year in 2019 and here they are:

  • Connect with men from my church and reconnect with brothers from years back
  • Commune with God
  • Continue supporting men’s ministry

All three of these were achieved this past February.

More than this, I discovered something! There was continuity from a previous retreat. Looking back, in 2018 the theme was “Going Deeper with God” presented by Pastor  Kevin Walzak. It was the “HOW” of the Christian walk. The teaching was deeply insightful, instructive and entertaining. My heart and mind were encouraged.

In 2019, the theme was “King David God’s Man” presented by Vince Miller. To me this was the “WHAT” of a man’s Christian walk. My heart and mind were getting more aligned with the heart of God.

These types of events add value to our growth in Christ, our fellowship as men and onward in our families and churches. I am thankful for the hard work of the C&MA Men’s Ministry Team and Big Sandy Camp for being such amazing hosts.

One man from our church said: “In my background we didn’t have an organized men’s ministry, much less a retreat of this caliber.”

Well done C&MA Men’s Ministry Team!!

– Rich McKusick

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